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Elementary School - Woodville Elementary/Lucas Elementary

My formal education started at the age of 6 at Woodville Elementary School on the southeast side of Mansfield. It was one of many schools built to handle the rolling crest of baby boom children. And even then, it might not have been enough, because I seem to remember some offsite houses or buildings used for special groups of kids, with special space program oriented names. The playground was down a small hill behind the school, with the basic set of slides and swings and monkey bars. First grade went okay, riding the school bus with my brother Denny from our house on Plainview Avenue, only about a mile away.   It was a good thing he was there, to round me up to get on the right bus for the ride home. The following year, he moved on to junior high, and I didn't have a clue which bus to get on. I doubt if I even knew my phone number (LA2-0085) at the time. I hung around the one classroom until they figured out where I lived, then one of the bus drivers took me home. Pretty scary for a six/seven year old.

In November of my second year, my parents bought a 50 acre farm in the Lucas School District.

Junior High School - Lucas


High School - Lucas High School, Class of 1972


College - The Ohio State University, College of Engineering, 1976